Prof. Marcos Ennes Barreto
Team leader.
Working on uncertainty treatment in probabilistic data linkage, predictive analytics, data visualisation, cloud robotics architectures & ontologies etc.
Clicia dos Santos Pinto
PhD student (PGCOMP, 2015-2019).
Working on partitioning and auto-tuning models applied to data linkage over multi-GPU architectures.
Robespierre Dantas da Rocha Pita
PhD student (PGCOMP, 2015-2019). FIOTEC scholarship.
Working on machine learning techniques applied to accuracy assessment of probabilistic data linkage.
Elizabeth Brito Llamosas Gomes
PhD student (PGCOMP, 2016-2020).
Working on high-performance codes for plasma Physics over hybrid parallel architectures.
Diêgo Braga Monteiro de Moura
PhD student (PGCOMP, 2016-2020).
Working on energy efficiency methods applied to hybrid parallel architectures.
Everton Mendonça de Jesus
PhD student (PGCOMP, 2017-2021).
Working on deep learning tools applied to genomic epidemiology.
Antonio Batista de Oliveira Neto
Master student (PGCOMP, 2016-2018). FAPESB scholarship.
Working on the design and validation of an autonomous robotics cloud-based architecture.
Jonatas Araújo Silva
Master student (PGCOMP, 2016-2018).
Working on control and communication among autonomous, collaborative unmanned aerial vehicles.
Alberto Pietro Sironi
Master student (PGCOMP, 2016-2018). FAPESB scholarship.
Working on visual data mining to support malaria analytics.
Juracy Bertoldo Santos Junior
Master student (PGCOMP, 2016-2018). Gates Foundation scholarship.
Working on epidemics forecasting models applied to malaria.
Daniel Conceição do Nascimento
Undergraduate student (UFBA). Gates Foundation scholarship.
Working on data lake and metadata management.


marcosb at
+55 71 3283-6143

Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) - Campus Ondina
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (IME)
CICTI / LaSiD - office 160
Av. Adhemar de Barros, s/n
Post code: 40170-110
Salvador - BA - Brazil

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